Seniors in Services operates five distinct programs, each enrolling volunteers to assist elders in need or children at-risk.  Volunteers of these programs daily impact more than 1,700 lives.

girl Foster Grandpa 300x199 ServicesFoster Grandparents    The bond between a child and a grandparent is special. The ideal grandparent takes time to listen, offers support and friendship, and shares knowledge gained through a lifetime of experience. A Foster Grandparent does all these things and much more for very special children. A Foster Grandparentis an older person with time, love and understanding to give. He or she is someone who enjoys being around children and wants to help them be their best. Foster Grandparents serve children who are:

  • Behind their peers and need a little help catching up
  • Abused and neglected
  • From families and neighborhoods that are plagued by poverty, drugs and alcohol
  • Physically and/or mentally handicapped

Many children have no older adults in their lives. Through the Foster Grandparent Program, these young people enjoy the benefits of developing a warm, caring relationship with a senior citizen. 

Senior Companion ladies 200x300 ServicesSenior Companions     Do you experience loneliness, isolation and inability to get to the store for groceries or medications. Struggles with meal preparation and housework. Thankfully, there is an army of volunteers assembled to come to the aid of those who are homebound and need help. These are Senior Companions. visit the homebound elderly in their homes. They help by:

  • Providing caring friendship
  • Assisting with simple chores
  • Helping with tasks of daily living, such as grocery shopping
  • Serving as a watchful eye to notice when their client needs extra care
  • Adding richness to the lives of those who otherwise are isolated and lonely

Agency for Healthcare Administration License #5776


Volunteer Cargiver 199x300 ServicesVolunteer Caregivers Program  matches relatively healthy adults to frail, homebound elderly or disabled adults. The purpose of the program is to help clients live more contentedly and avoid a sense of isolation, depression and loneliness. Volunteer Caregivers aid frail, homebound elderly or disabled adults by providing them with friendly visitors who offer companionship, compassion and, sometimes, a helping hand.Volunteer Caregivers visit the homebound elderly in their homes. They help by:

  • Providing caring friendship
  • Diminishing isolation and loneliness
  • Helping with tasks of daily living, such as grocery shopping
  • Keeping a watchful eye to notice when their client needs extra care
Bill Payer1 300x242 ServicesThe Bill Payer Program recruits, trains and bonds volunteers who provide direct, one-on-one help to the elderly or anyone who are experiencing difficulty keeping up with writing checks and reconciling their bank statements.  Volunteers do not bring their own money to the table; instead they bring the experience to help their clients with their finances.Clients have an obstacle such as impaired vision, memory loss or severe arthritis. These challenges prohibit them from performing their financial tasks independently. All clients must have a checking account and enough money to pay their bills.Volunteers visit their clients in their homes once or twice a month.  They work together to accomplish the financial tasks.
Spic and Span ladies 300x200 ServicesSpic & Span for Seniors initiated in 2007, Spic and Span for Seniors is designed to help elders maintain a clean, healthy environment in their own homes.  Volunteer groups from local colleges, civic organizations, faith based congregations and businesses roll up their sleeves to help elders remain independent by performing tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, cleaning ceiling fans, scrubbing floors, washing windows and doing other work that is difficult for them.  They also spend time visiting with the elders, many of whom are lonely and isolated.
Operation Connect1 298x300 ServicesOperation Connect recruits, trains, and places Veterans and other family members to help military children succeed and provide fellowship to other veterans in need.Operation Connect is a program that serves children from military families who need additional support and continuity in their elementary classrooms. It also serves disabled home bound military veterans in their homes by providing companionship and light housekeeping duties.
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