Senior Companion Program

The Senior Companion Program focuses on providing ongoing companionship and support to seniors who may feel isolated or lonely. In addition, the program encourages them to remain connected to their communities.

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You will forge new relationships with people in your community and make a significant difference in the lives of others.

Seniors in Service volunteers themselves report better health and longevity having served their community

A description of the Senior Companion position follows:

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Senior Companion - Position Description

Here in South Shore Senior Companions help people in their homes.

Location:  In person in the client's home. 

Purpose and Duties:
Provide ongoing companionship and support to seniors who may feel isolated or lonely. In addition, provide encouragement to help them remain connected to their community.

Responsibilities and Duties:
Accompany clients to social activities and medical appointments (does not include transporting client).
Assist with activities of daily living and simple chores (excluding personal or medical care).
Encourage clients to stay active and connected.
Comply with Confidentiality Agreement to protect both parties.
Adhere to program policies and procedures.

Reside in Hillsborough County.
Pass a Level II Background Check.
Ability to listen and provide companionship
Patience, compassion, and dedication
Access to reliable transportation

Commitment Expected:
Volunteers are expected to serve at least 5 hours per week.

Initially, you will receive virtual training that will introduce you to the Senior Companion Program.

Eventually, you will be inviteded to an in-person Orientation.

Mandatory monthly meetings will be held every month.


If you would like to become a Senior Companion or receive more information about it, complete and submit your contact information in the form below.  Someone from the Senior Companion  program at Seniors in Service of Tampa Bay will contact you within 48 hours.

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