Sun City Center
Security Patrol Inc

The mission of the Security Patrol is:

Within that mission and through our motto of "See and Be Seen," The Patrol helps deter crime in our neighborhoods and business districts by creating a patrol presence that is visible and always on the lookout for the unusual. While we have no police authority, the Patrol works in cooperation with the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office (HCSO), and in particular, with its Community Resource Deputies.

The Patrol functions as the 'eyes and ears' of the community. Patrol presence in an area may be sufficient to prevent an impending crime. An inquisitive concern about a suspicious person, action or vehicle may result in the apprehension of criminals or potential criminals by the Sheriff's deputies.

Security patrol volunteers maintain high visibility. We watch for and record information about suspicious persons and/or vehicles. We observe irregular and/or unusual activities involving property, vehicles or people. We provide assistance to residents and visitors.

Security Patrol Volunteers must be seasonal or full time residents of Sun City Center or Kings Point. They drive around our community, and report suspicious activities/persons to the Sheriff. The Security Patrol does not confront anyone; it only reports suspicious activities/persons! Our highly visible (marked) vehicles stating “Security Patrol” alert other homeowners that you are not someone prowling our neighborhood.

Volunteers choose a time and date they are willing to drive through Sun City Center in a three hour period. One benefit of becoming a Security Patrol member is that it is just being part of a fun group, and it’s is a way for Sun City Center residents to help prevent crime in our neighborhood.

If you are a seasonal or full time resident of Sun City Center (including Kings Point), we invite you to sign up To Be A Security Patrol Volunteer Driver or Dispatcher.

Don't want to be a driver or dispatcher?  There are four other ways you can get involved:

1.We need someone for 3 to 6 hours a week to do clerical work such as filing, writing letters, and using the copier and other office equipment.

2. We need someone to help with light vehicle maintenance - such things as changing a tire, Taking the cars to car washes, taking vehicle to a mechanic, etc.

3. We could use some help with building maintenance, such things as painting, and light handyman duties.  Expect to spend 3 or 4 hours weekly.

4. Grounds maintenance - 3 or 4 hours weekly.  This includes such things as pressure washing the building, mowing the grass, etc.   

If you would consider volunteering for the Security Patrol, complete and submit the form below.  We typically hold Patrol Member Orientations twice monthly. Reserve your spot today!

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