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South Shore Coalition for Mental Health and Aging

The South Shore Coalition for Mental Health and Aging is engaged as a non-profit organization to provide mental health resources and support for aging to the residents of South Hillsborough County, including Sun City Center, Ruskin, Wimauma, Apollo Beach and Riverview.

We challenge everyone with the means to live a healthy lifestyle in their aging years, and help residents who need extra assistance by providing them with options that can assist them to deal effectively with their personal conflicts and relationships. Our outreach includes a quarterly seminar, Community Resource Guide, Community based Memory Screenings and the Coalition Office at Sun Towers Retirement Community in Sun City Center, Florida.

We have screening services for depression and memory loss, and a referral system to help those looking for a mental health counselor in Sun City Center, Ruskin or Riverview. We have expanded our support groups to focus on specific needs such as grief, care giving, memory loss, and have two groups that deal with the stresses of retirement living.

Whether it’s a weekly small group gathering or a larger session meeting once a month, we are here to help! Please consider one of our active mental health support groups, with several locations throughout the South Shore area for residents of all ages.

The South Shore community has a variety of mental health resources, including providers who can assist individuals with individual, couples and family counseling services. Please consider the following South Shore mental health services

Developed through a generous grant from the Sun City Center Fund, Community Foundation of Tampa Bay and Sun Towers Retirement and Rehabilitation Community, this pilot program educates adults in awareness of brain health and memory improvement..

Since part of our mission is to share resources with those who might find themselves in need, compiling the contents of this guide has been a natural, ever evolving project.

As resources are uncovered during the year, they are added to our constantly updated document. It is then distributed during the month of October each year in both printed and online form.

This year we need help in making sure that the 2020-21 edition is complete. and accurate. And that means going back to the companies and organizations we represent to make absolutely sure... We need help calling the organizations and companies included in the Community Resourse Guide to ensure we have the correct email address and then emailing those companies and organizations with update insructions.

A more detailed description of the job follows.

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Data Collector

Job title:
Data Collector

Job Location: This job can be done from the comfort of your home.

Purpose of the Position:
The Community Resource Guide (CRG) is an important document for all in the Sun City Center and South Shore area. Your job will ensure that correct, up- to-date information from all companies and organizations represented in the CRG is received by the first of September to support the October 2020 revision of the document.

Responsibilities and Duties:
You will be provided a list of the companies and organizations, including phone numbers, represented in the Community Resource Guide. Your job will be to call the companies and organizations to get a current email address and prepare them for the email they are to receive. That email will have an interactive form attached and if the organization or Company is using Outlook or webmail, the contents of the form will automatically be sent when the user submits it. Companies and organizations not using either webmail or Outlook must print the form, fill it out, and either scan and return it as an email attachment or mail it in.

All completed forms will go to the South Shore Coalition for Mental Health and Aging and you will be kept apprised when the forms have been received so you can follow up appropriately if necessary.

Willing to make phone calls and capable of sending and receiving emails with attachments

Commitment Expected:
All of the forms will need to be received by the South Shore Coalition for Mental Health and aging before the first of September. Currently there are approximately 350 companies and organizations that must be contacted. The exact number that any volunteer will be assigned will depend upon the number of people that volunteer.

Training: Formal training for this job is not needed. A phone call and email from the coordinator will provide job details at the outset. The volunteer coordinator will be available throughout the project for guidance as needed.

Next Step: If you can help in this capacity, complete and submit the form below.

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