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Double the Good

Your Dollar Can Do

Suncoast Credit Union has committed up to $35,000 to match every donation made to Seniors in Service through December 22.
Do good and donate today!

Support Students

Donate today and help students like Matias fall in love with learning!

Matias was a struggling student who hated to read, until Foster Grandparent, Rackel Perez, started tutoring him through Zoom. He enjoys his time with “Grandma” Perez and has improved his reading skills so much that he enjoys reading EVERYTHING!

Support Veterans

Donate today and provide the support our veterans deserve!

Veteran Wendi Harris hadn’t slept in a bed in over a year. Because of her medical issues, she needed a hospital bed and wasn’t able to get one. Through our network of community support Operation: Veteran Connect located, delivered, and assembled a donated bed so Wendi could finally have a good night of rest.

Support Seniors

Donate today to ensure isolated seniors always have someone who cares.

“My TelePal loves to talk. She has several health issues and gets discouraged. I always remind her to try and laugh every day, watch or read something funny. She says she always feels better after talking to me. TelePals is a wonderful service for so many lonely seniors.”

Pam, TelePal Volunteer 

Seniors in Service engages the talents, experience, and dedication of volunteers ages 55 and better to bring tutors into classrooms, provide companionship for isolated seniors, support our veterans, and build stronger communities. Through these experiences, volunteers are stepping in to the best of years of their life to live with purpose. 

Suncoast Credit Union is passionate about improving life for all Floridians, especially those from traditionally underserved populations. They offer lower rates on loans, higher earnings on deposits, and more free services so customers can live their best life. Suncoast Credit Union and its employees generously support the community through philanthropy, education, and volunteerism. Their outreach programs and partnerships give back to our local communities every day.

Meet the volunteers who are changing lives…

“The Real-Life Superhero”

When Ernest heard a  young student with a troubled home life was struggling in school, he knew he needed to help. Through patience and compassion Ernest discovered their shared love of superheroes. Instead of forcing or swaying away from what some would consider nothing of importance to talk about, Ernest just knew, this is what makes this child feel self-confident, what lessens his pain. After weeks of one-word answers, the boy began to open up and improved his grades. He even requested Ernest to be his tutor the following school year.

“The Advocate”

It started with a phone call that led to 19 years of service and counting at James A. Haley Veterans Hospital.  Argentina called Seniors in Service to be a volunteer and started serving quadriplegic and disabled veterans in Tampa. She quickly found her purpose and never left. Through the years she’s become a trusted source of support for many veterans, helping to advocate for the services they need. 

“The Friend”

As a TelePal, Angie has been calling Cora every day for over a year. With tears in her eyes, Cora shared, “The TelePals program is the best thing you could have ever done. Angie brought me through some dark times. When COVID got me it was Angie who got me through. Not my family, not my acquaintances, Angie did.”