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We connect volunteers 55+ to meet the needs of those at-risk in the Tampa Bay community, including Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco counties.

Would you like to request services or support from our Senior Companions?  Please click here to make a Request for Services. 



Contact us today and gear up to make a difference.

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1306 W Sligh Ave
Tampa, FL 33604

(813) 932-5228

Foster Grandparent Program Hillsborough
Victoria Donates
(813) 492-8926

Foster Grandparent Program Pinellas
Kim Skrovanek
(813) 540-4666

Health Buddies
Aria Garling
(813) 492-8931

Operation: Veteran Connect
Pam Plager
(813) 492-8936

readers in motion
Patricia Lombeyda
(813) 421-9622

readers in motion
Sharlene Delgado
(813) 641-4964

Resource Empowerment Center
Carolina Montoya
(813) 492-8929

RSVP Hillsborough
Natalie Salas
(813) 492-8928

RSVP Pasco
Ann Wilkinson
(813) 492-8918

RSVP Pinellas
Sarah Rosenbaum
(813) 492-8924

Senior Companion Program HillsBorough                             Gabby Lugo
(813) 358-2699

(813) 819-0725