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Research shows loneliness eclipses obesity and even smoking as a predictor of early decline/death. Seniors need social connection to preserve health and remain independent. TelePals offer socialization and wellness checks through telephone reassurance. TelePals like Betsy make weekly calls to let isolated seniors know they have a friend who cares.

Betsy and her TelePal, Barbara, connected from the get-go. “I think the world of her,” Betsy explains. “I would love to meet her someday, and I hope that I do.” Betsy and Barbara talk for about an hour once or twice a week. They talk about everything from health concerns to childhood memories to the goings-on in their neighborhoods. TelePals make a difference while positively affecting their own lives. Betsy says it best, “I look forward to my conversations with her. It’s made me want to be more like her in my own life.”

Want a friendship like Betsy and Barbara’s? It’s only a phone call away! CLICK HERE to become a TelePal TODAY or fill out the application below!



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