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Bill Payers Volunteer to Help Elderly Accomplish Financial Tasks and Maintain Independence

Bill Payer is a division of RSVP

The Bill Payer Program recruits, trains and bonds volunteers who give direct, one-on-one help to the elderly or individuals experiencing difficulty keeping up with writing checks and reconciling their bank statements. Volunteers do not bring their own money to the table; instead they bring their experience to help the elderly with their finances.

Clients may have challenges, such as impaired vision, memory loss or severe arthritis. These challenges prohibit them from performing their financial tasks independently. All clients must have a checking account and enough money to pay their bills. Volunteers visit their clients in their homes once or twice a month, and they work together to accomplish these financial tasks.

Volunteers receive pre-service orientation, training and ongoing support to maximize their experience. Want to know how to volunteer?

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Glarisol Traspalacios
Senior Program Manager – RSVP
(813) 932-5228, ext. 237
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