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  • Location: Fama – 5107 E. 32nd Avenue, Tampa, FL 33619
  • Purpose of the Positions:  FAMA helps build stronger neighborhoods by creating relationships with their neighbors, discovering community needs, and finding solutions.
  • Description of Project: FAMA & GPCA holds regular community and fundraising events. Events
    can range from sit-down dinners to community clean up, conferences, and much more.
  • Support Plan: Event volunteers work under the direction of various members of the event committee, staff, or other volunteers, who will provide task-specific training.
  • Volunteer Responsibilities: Event volunteers assist on the event day for set-up, guest assistance, and registration or clean up. Volunteers may also choose to be involved in event planning.
  • Time Commitment: Event day volunteers will typically be asked to commit at least 3 hours. Participation on an event planning committee typically requires larger time commitments over several months.
  • Qualifications: Dependent on the task.
  • Benefits: Depending on the type of event, volunteers may be able to attend the event free of charge. Event volunteers also have the opportunity to learn new skills from professionals, meet others in the community, while supporting a kingdom worthy cause
  • Next Steps:
    1. Email Chris Noble at OR
    2. Call (813) 492-8916 for more information OR
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