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 Purpose: CARES is a not-for-profit organization that has been providing services to older persons and their families since 1973. We offer a broad spectrum of services and programs to help older adults live as they wish—independently in their homes.

Next Steps: Contact Ann Wilkinson at 813-492-8921 or use the form below to sign-up for any available position!

Positions Available: Multiple Positions at MULTIPLE LOCATIONS available! See below for more details!

  • Location: CARES Claude Pepper Senior Center: 6640 Van Buren St., New Port Richey
    • Receptionist

      • # of Volunteers Desired: 2
      • Responsibilities: Check-in visitors, answer phones, basic clerical
      • Requirements/Qualifications: Level 2 background check, ability to relate to seniors, empathy, patience, reliability 
      • Commitment Expected: Regular attendance  
      • Training Required: Provided on-site 
    • Senior Companion 
      • # of Volunteers Desired: 5-7

      • Responsibilities: Provide friendship and assistance to seniors in adult daycare program.

        • Passing out materials, wiping down tables, providing 1-1 attention to those not participating in group activities

        • NO CNA duties are required for this role. Volunteers will ONLY assist with recreational activities for participants. 

      • Requirements/Qualifications: Bilingual volunteers needed! 

        • Level 2 background check.

        • Ability to relate to seniors with mpathy and patience.

        • Volunteers must be comfortable with seniors experiencing memory impairment and dementia.  
      • Commitment Expected: Regular attendance.

        • Days with highest need:  M-W-F. Volunteers may choose their shift. 

      • Training Required: Provided on-site 

  • Location: CARES Elfers Center: 4136 Barker Drive. New Port Richey, FL
    • Groundskeeper
      • # of Volunteers Desired: 1-2
      • Position Purpose: Maintenance of outside grounds
      • Responsibilities: Mow and edge lawn, maintain landscaping
      • Requirements/Qualifications: Knowledge of exterior facility maintenance, ability to use lawn equipment 
      • Commitment Expected: Regular attendance on scheduled days.
        • Specific timeframe needed: Weekdays before noon
      • Training Required: Must be able to operate necessary equipment 
    • Filing assistant
      • # of Volunteers Desired: 1-2
      • Position Purpose: Maintain orderly records
      • Responsibilities: File daily paperwork for volunteers and Center
      • Requirements/Qualifications: Filing experience helpful
      • Commitment Expected: Regular attendance on scheduled days
      • Training Required: Provided on-site
    • Receptionist/Front Desk
      • # of Volunteers Desired: 2-4
      • Purpose of role: Support CARES Center operations
      • Responsibilities:
        • Answer phones
        • Assist visitors
        • Basic clerical work
      • Qualifications:
        • Customer service
        • Telephone skills
        • Patience
        • Reliability
      • Commitment expected: One shift per week.
      • Training Required: CARES will train on procedures
    • CARES Ambassador
      • # of Volunteers Desired: 1
      • Purpose of role: Promote CARES in the community
      • Responsibilities: Visit 55+ communities to drop off calendars and newsletters
      • Qualifications:
        • Customer service
        • Transportation
        • Reliability
      • Commitment expected: One  day per month shift per week.
      • Training Required: None
    • Bingo Assistant
      • # of Volunteers Desired: 2-4
      • Purpose of role: Run Bingo games!
      • Responsibilities:
        • Call numbers
        • Verify winners
      • Qualifications:
        • Ability to call numbers and look at cards to determine winners
        • People skills
        • Reliability
      • Commitment expected: 1-2 shifts per week. Coverage needed










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