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Brian once had a life full of activity and independence until a diagnosis changed everything. His chronic condition caused exhaustion and forced Brian to remain indoors more often than he ever had. Brian’s isolation became dire after the mandatory social distancing caused by COVID-19. Thankfully, a Seniors in Service staff member reached out to Brian to let him know that he’s not alone.

Instead of suffering through loneliness, Brian joined Health Buddies! Health Buddies help reduce preventable hospital readmissions for recently discharged individuals through combined in-home/telephone interventions that empower them to self-manage their health.

Seniors in Service paired Brian up with a student volunteer from USF named Ben. With similar interests and friendly natures, Brian and Ben became fast friends. Brian describes their interactions warmly, stating, “I’ve had long chats with my volunteer. We’re looking forward to meeting in-person one day – we even have plans to shoot pool!” Ben equally enjoys their chats, “Everything is going great! He is a lovely gentleman… I’m learning a lot about his life experiences.”

Know anyone who could use a friend like Ben? Use the form below to sign yourself up or to refer a friend! Want to BE a friend like Ben? CLICK HERE to learn how!


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