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CONGRATULATIONS to Tampa Bay Lightning Community Hero Award recipient Kelli Casto! Kelli Casto made it her mission over the last 5 years to assist struggling seniors. In 2016, Kelli founded Saving Our Seniors, an organization that provides durable medical equipment to seniors in need. She didn’t stop there! Saving Our Seniors added a mobile food pantry to address the increasing number of homebound seniors who are unable to get food due to the pandemic. The new service has provided nearly 1,000 clients with meals each week. To date, Saving Our Seniors has helped more than 5,000 seniors across Tampa Bay maintain their independence, personal safety and dignity.

Seniors in Service partners with Kelli and Saving our seniors by engaging volunteers to assist in delivering meals with the mobile food pantry, equipment delivery, assisting with front-desk administrative duties, and more. We are proud to call Kelli and Saving Our Seniors our partner.

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