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Readers in Motion has been offering close, personal support during this time of mandatory social distancing. Classrooms are our usual arena, but with that being paused for now, we went directly to the source to see how we could help. The result? Over 1,000 conversations with Readers in Motion families. 

After speaking with several teachers and parents of Oak Grove and Mendenhall Elementary, we learned that the daily struggle for the Kindergarten and 1st grade students we serve is simply completing and submitting assignments. Parents said “We’re never sure exactly what we should do”. Teachers further shared that several current assignments included reading specific natural science books on myON that compliment activities the teachers had prepared. Readers in Motion immediately thought “We can help with that”.

With our partner myON, we created a special project called “RIM Reading Challenge” that appeared on the students’ myON home screen upon logging in. The challenge featured 10 books, all included in homework. Our customized reading challenge was doubly encouraging students to do their homework!

However, we didn’t stop there. We knew parents needed the support and the reminder. Readers in Motion staff checked every single students’ progress weekly throughout the month of April – that’s over 350 students! On top of that, we texted every single parent each Tuesday, in their preferred language, to update them on their child’s individual status along with a picture of the flyer that had the instructions on how to log in and find the challenge.

As a result, 247 students completed the reading challenge and were that much closer to completing their assignments. As a bonus, each student who completed the challenge (read at least 4 books from the list) earned a brand-new book, Waiting is Not Easy, from the popular “Elephant and Piggie” series. Children were thrilled to receive this in the mail and felt their hard work paid off.

We live in uncertain times. But one thing is certain: Seniors in Service is committed to adapting to new challenges to help children succeed.

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