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Senior Companion Volunteers help isolated homebound elders or veterans live independently, with dignity, in their own homes. For the past 5 months, while social distancing remained mandatory, Senior Companion Volunteers have continued to serve their clients as TelePals, staying in touch by phone. Now, some volunteers like Asleen Griffin are excited  to resume serving their clients in person. Asleen has been providing companionship services to Mr. Jones for approximately 2 years. When she began to serve, Mr. Jones had recently suffered a stroke and was partially paralyzed.  He could not use his right hand and was unable to pick up his right foot to walk. He also had a hard time remembering simple words and was unable to read or write. And he had no family in town to help.

Asleen visited Mr. Jones several times each a week, helping him write, read, and reminding him of words that he had forgotten. When Asleen wrote letters on his behalf, she would have him re-write them. When Asleen read to him, he would repeat the words in the story along with her. Asleen also helped Mr. Jones by going to the grocery store for him. Since Mr. Jones couldn’t write, he made a grocery list by drawing pictures of the items he needed. She often would have to guess what the item was and bring it back to him. At times she got it wrong and needed to return to the store. But she didn’t mind. Helping Mr. Jones gave her a sense of purpose.

Over time, Mr. Jones grew strong and more verbal. He is now able to write his grocery list in words, with few drawings.  Before the pandemic he was even able to get on his golf cart from time to time, going to stores to pick up small items. Asleen says she feels blessed to have been able to help with Mr. Jones’ recovery. Mr. Jones shares that Asleen is a dedicated volunteer who shows patience when he has a hard time speaking. They’ve missed each other and look forward to spending time together in person again, wearing masks and staying safe.

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