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“What is your Why?” That is the question we posed to the Seniors in Service Board of Directors to kick off the annual Board Retreat on January 25. Everyone’s response to why they serve on our Board was a little different, but there was a common thread. Harnessing the talent and passion of senior-aged volunteers has tremendous value for our entire community. With our “Why” at the forefront of the conversation, we planned how to make 2023 our best year yet for growth and connection to actualize our mission.


Board members participated in a variety of activities related to Strategic Planning for the new year. They provided input on developing a formal, three-year Strategic Plan to guide the direction and key initiatives of the organization. They also discussed impactful strategies and created actionable plans to increase fundraising efforts over the next year. Finally, they discussed the current Board configuration and identified the need to recruit new members to further strengthen the impact and work of the Board. Each member identified potential sources for Board membership and committed to actively assisting in recruiting new members who share the same passion for service as they do. The Board of Directors will meet quarterly throughout the rest of the year and report on their progress in carrying out the commitments they identified at the Retreat.


We’re grateful for each Board member who brings their unique perspective and expertise to help Seniors in Service get Geared Up To Serve!

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