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Seniors vs. Crime Project is a Florida, non-profit organization that operates as a special project of the Florida Attorney General’s Office. In 1989 Attorney General Bob Butterworth chaired the Crimes and the Elderly Task Force. To continue their work, Ret. Col Thornton proposed a crime prevention program focused on seniors. The new organization became the Seniors vs. Crime project, and Ret. Col. Thornton was named as the first Executive Director.

The primary goal of the Seniors vs Crime project is to reduce the victimization of senior citizens who are often targeted for specific crimes or scams based on their age. The project accomplishes this goal by providing various educational and crime prevention programs to senior citizen groups, investigating complaints, and seeking restitution for seniors in appropriate instances.

The Seniors vs Crime project provides no charge (Free) assistance with civil cases and handles thousands of cases for seniors every year. Since the opening of the first local project offices in 2001, local project offices have handled more than 39,000 cases and recovered over $16,000,000 in real dollars plus over $12,000,000 in realized gain for Florida seniors. That is a total of $28,000,000 for Florida seniors that would have otherwise been lost without our intervention!

Seniors vs Crime has volunteers known as Senior Sleuths who physically work in offices around the State often co-located in Police departments, Sheriff’s offices, and local Senior Centers The Senior Sleuths work at one of the local Seniors vs Crime project offices throughout the state. SVC handles complaints from seniors and other citizens involving a myriad of disputes including door to door sales, online sales and construction issues as well as billing issues, and any other scams or conflicts with businesses or individuals

Volunteer Sleuth

WORK LOCATION: Sun City Center office located on Cherry Hills Drive. There is also a new office soon to open in West Hillsborough county. There is a provision to work from home with technology issued to our volunteers.

The Volunteer Sleuth is an integral part of the Seniors vs. Crime, (SVC) program. Working with the SVC project under the Florida Attorney General’s office, the Sleuth volunteer assists our seniors in resolving civil disputes and recovering money that has been lost through conflict and deceptive trade practices. Senior Sleuths, located in offices throughout Florida are the front line in helping our seniors to be educated to prevent fraud and assist those seniors who request the assistance of Seniors vs. Crime.


The primary responsibility is the attempted financial recovery for Senior and other citizens of the community who have been victims of scams, fraud, and unfinished contracted home repairs. This will involve using a computer to research items relevant to the case being addressed. It will also involve using the telephone to communicate with both victims and perpetrators to reach an agreeable resolution.

Volunteer sleuths must complete and maintain records in accordance with established procedures.

Volunteers must attend training sessions to learn about office policies and procedures.

Volunteers are expected to keep informed of current changes to fraud trends and scams.

Volunteers with experience in presentations might also work in coordination with the Florida Office of Attorney General to assist seniors and other citizens by educating groups about preventing fraud and abuse by becoming presenters in the community. This could involve using pre-developed PowerPoint presentations and/or creating PowerPoint presentations from scratch.

Volunteers are a part of the Seniors vs. Crime office and work in coordination with other Sleuth volunteers and an office manager. Technical assistance and information updates affecting all Seniors vs Crime programs will be made available.

Experienced Sleuths and an office manager are available to research complicated cases and issues.

Volunteer responsibilities listed above are consistent with the scope of the Vision, Mission, and Values of the Florida Attorney General’s office, Seniors vs Crime project…


  • Must have a sincere interest in helping people
  • Must be able to pass background and license checks.
  • Basic Computer Skills: Email, Microsoft Word®, Google and other internet searches, Zoom, PowerPoint®, Microsoft Windows®, Adobe Reader®…
  • Basic telephone and conversation skills
  • Willingness and ability to work with a diverse population
  • Experience, comfort, and competency with laptop computers and projectors

 At least one four-hour shift per week

VOLUNTEER BENEFITS: Volunteers have the satisfaction of knowing that their efforts have improved the lives of fellow citizens.

TRAINING: All training will be on-job and accomplished during the shift.  All volunteer Sleuths must complete the training.

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