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AARP Smart Drive Course
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The AARP Smart Drive Course is the nation’s first and largest refresher course designed specifically for drivers age 50 and older. For more the 40 years, the volunteers have taught proven safety strategies to millions of drivers so they can continue driving safely for as long as possible.

AARP Driver Safety first launched in 1979 to help to keep older drivers safe, confident, independent, and connected in their communities. Today, AARP Driver Safety continues to meet these needs of older drivers with the help of 4,500 volunteers nationwide and through several leading educational programs. The flagship AARP Smart Driver course is the nation’s largest classroom and online driver safety course and is designed especially for drivers age 50 and older.

AARP Volunteer Driver Safety Instructors teach in a classroom setting with video and lecture. Instructors are provided an Instructor Manual and learners are given participant’s guides.  An instructor and optional course administer conduct each class.

 Join a passionate group of individuals who are driven to save lives!
 Be a part of an award-winning program that is growing nationwide!
 Represent your community as an AARP Driver Safety volunteer!

“What every one of us does makes a difference in protecting drivers and their families, reducing accidents and fatalities, and teaching people to drive more safely.” — Volunteer Coordinator


Service Location: Class preparation is done at home. Classes are held in both Kings Point and in the Atrium and Caper Room in Sun City Center. 

Purpose and Function: The trained instructor teaches driving strategies that can reduce the likelihood of having a crash. Instructors foster an understanding of the links between the driver, the vehicle and the road environment. They help participants learn how aging, medication, and other health-related issues affect driving ability. Instructors increase each person’s driving confidence. Participants learn how to share the road with others, as well as the newest safety and advanced features on vehicles. AARP instructors truly make a positive difference in the lives they touch. Class participants (and instructors ) receive a certificate after completing the Driver Safety course, to give to their insurance company to receive any eligible discounts on their car insurance.

• Commitment to the goals, policies and priorities of AARP and Driver Safety
• Excitement for learning and working with people
• Strong customer service attitude
• Communication skills to speak to groups of people.
• Experience teaching, facilitating, and public speaking helpful, but not all required.
• Ability to empathize and work with diverse populations.
• Working knowledge of video technology, access to e-mail and the Internet

Responsibilities and Duties:
• The Instructor, an unpaid volunteer, conducts AARP Driver Safety Program courses in a classroom setting in the community.
• Instructors are provided Driver Safety Instructor program roles and responsibilities via a simple and easy on-boarding process.
• Conduct the AARP Smart Driver classroom course in accordance with AARP National Office Guidelines.
• Instructors are eligible for a stipend for expenses for conducting classes
• Instructors are expected to participate in twice-yearly meeting to learn the latest about driving in Florida.

Commitment Expected:
• Actively organize and conduct AARP Smart Driver classroom courses at locations in accordance with AARP National Office Guidelines with team members.
• Conduct at least 3 classroom courses annually.


• You will be trained both online and, in a classroom, setting and receive other orientation tools.
• Meet with other volunteer(s) to review best practices and state specific information.
• If new to Driver Safety, attend an in-person Driver Safety Course or online if one is not available soon.
• Report to an area Coordinator for direction and assistance

• Reimbursement for all official AARP Driver Safety expenses
• Coverage by AARP insurance while conducting Driver Safety business
• Eligible for participation in the ADS National Recognition and Rewards Program

Course Administrator

Service Location: Classes are in Kings Point and Sun City Center

Attend team meetings (two per year). Course administrators are reimbursed for the mileage driven to these meetings(and classes) if applicable.

Purpose and Responsibilities of the position:
 The course administrator handles the logistical aspects of an AARP Smart Driver class such as Course Registration (at home or in classes), Course Fee Collection, and ensuring completion of class Certificates.

• Commitment to the goals, policies, and priorities of AARP and Driver Safety
• Excitement for working with people
• Strong customer service attitude
• Good written and verbal skills
• Working knowledge of personal computers including email and internet – Optional not required

Commitment Expected:
Complete initial training. Administrators normally work about an hour with instructors each class or assist with registration from home.

Training: New Course Administrators must complete online training which takes approximately two hours.

Next Step: Seniors in Service helps nonprofits throughout Tampa Bay find volunteers like you to help accomplish their mission. Fill out the form below and someone from Seniors in Service will contact you soon to walk you through the next steps to begin volunteering. In question 4, please include the words “AARP Smart Drive Course.”

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