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Jane McGrady volunteers through the Retired & Senior Volunteer Program in Pasco County. Jane spent her career making a difference as a family law attorney in New York. A year and a half ago, she retired and moved to Florida. It didn’t take long for Jane to realize that she is not content to sit at home and do nothing. She cares about serving the community and is always willing to get involved. “There are so many opportunities to help the community and connect with others. Seniors in Service has enabled me to meet new people and engage in meaningful activities.”

Dedication and commitment to volunteerism are evident in everything Jane does. Since beginning her journey with Seniors in Service, she has served in a multitude of capacities. Jane has served as a Guardian Ad Litem since 2019, assisted at Make a Difference Food Pantry, participated at various events, and even represented Seniors in Service in the community. “Jane’s willingness to serve benefits not only RSVP Pasco, but also the community,” Ann, RSVP Pasco Coordinator, explains. “She jumps right in and shows up.” Thank you, Jane, for getting GEARED UP!

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