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Why Volunteer?

Enhance the quality of your life through volunteering and enhance the lives of others. Choose from a variety of volunteer programs to match your interests, skills and availability.

Our Foster Grandparent volunteers had a 96% success rate in 2015 in improving the abilities of at-risk students.

Senior Companion Volunteers may be the only person a homebound elder sees all week. Helping them live independently in their own homes saves our community per month and per individual over $3,000.

RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program) allows any person aged 55 or over to use their skills to help non-profits. Whether it’s professional skills you learned in your career, homemaker skills you’ve earned over a lifetime or just a call to do something different, RSVP will help you find the right volunteer opportunity to connect with.

Operation: Veteran Connect helps veterans become empowered to take charge of their wellness and live life to the fullest. Our “Veterans Serving Veterans” model provides a fulfilling experience for the recipient and the volunteer.

“We’re thankful for our volunteers and could not successfully impact the lives in our community without them. Now, we invite you to GEAR UP, volunteer and help make this positive impact sustainable,” says President and CEO Tammy Criollo.


Cathie Schoder
Director of Programs
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Be a cherished mentor. For many children, a grandparent fills a role no one else can. Tutor and mentor students in a school near your home.

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Make independence a reality. Be matched with homebound elderly or disabled adults, and make a difference in their quality of life.

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Got an hour? Give an hour. RSVP volunteers choose how, where and how often they want to serve.

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Operation: Veteran Connect provides support for veterans and military families. Our “Veterans Serving Veterans” model creates meaningful impact.

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