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Wilbur Wiggins-Cropped-Aug 10,2016

Wilbur Wiggins is a hero.
And we’re not the only one who thinks so!

Wilbur Wiggins, a devoted volunteer for Seniors in Service, has been named a 2016 Heroes at Work Award Honoree!  The Tampa Bay Business Journal recognizes veterans who are making a positive impact in our community, and this year we are proud that our very own Wilbur Wiggins is one of those being honored.  Mr. Wiggins joined the Air Force in 1966, serving at MacDill Air Force Base.  After a successful military and professional career, Wilbur continues to serve – even in retirement.  As a Seniors in Service volunteer, Mr. Wiggins helps veterans maintain their sense of independence and dignity as they age.

The positive impacts Wilbur makes as a Seniors in Service volunteer are best illustrated by the heartfelt letter of appreciation in which his client declared, “Mr. Wiggins has improved my quality of life by 150%!”  Mr. Wiggins talks with affection about some of his most challenging clients and how he gained their trust – by running errands, helping with bill paying, navigating mass transit and most importantly, just plain listening.  He says that “it’s a shame when someone has family who will do for them, but does not care for them”.  He admits that sometimes, when a client becomes terminally ill, he thinks about taking a break.  That it just gets too sad.  At the same time, he shares how much it means that they ask for him even when surrounded by family.  That it’s his hand they want to hold when they know the end is near.  Yet with all he does to improve their lives, Wilbur insists that his clients are the ones who improve his.  It’s this sense of purpose and fulfillment that makes him continue to serve.

Wilbur generously shares his Top 10 Keys to Success:
1.    Get educated.
2.    Be smart.
3.    Work hard.
4.    Have thick skin.
5.    No excuses.
6.    Listen.
7.    Be honest.
8.    Do Good.
9.    Do Good – Even When Others Don’t.
10.  Be a Country Boy.

We love this Country Boy.  Congratulations, Wilbur!

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