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Readers in Motion has been eagerly preparing for the official start of program services! Our mission is to help children build literacy by engaging volunteers who tutor and mentor students and by encouraging parent/caregiver involvement. As our volunteers get Geared Up to join their classes this month, staff have been devoted to purchasing supplies and assembling Readers in Motion backpacks for the children joining us soon.

Each student who registers into Readers in Motion will receive a backpack FILLED with educational goodies that teachers and parents have indicated their children need. These materials will aid in learning both in school AND at home. Now more than ever, having educational materials readily available at home is crucial for children, especially those in e-learning classrooms. Backpack items include:

    • Headphones – Classrooms used to have a standard set of headphones that students utilized as needed for a variety of computer programs, including myON. Now that sharing these personal items is strictly against CDC guidelines, providing headphones allows these well-known activities to remain uninterrupted!
    • Folder – Essential to keep worksheets and handouts ORGANIZED.
    • Composition notebook – For these emerging readers to also begin crafting their own stories through pictures and words!
    • Reading book – These books titled The Night Before Kindergarten and The Night Before 1st Grade are specific to each student’s grade level and inspire excitement of a fun-filled year of activities and milestones pertaining to each grade!
    • Workbook – These grade-specific phonics workbooks keep students engaged at home with opportunities to review concepts covered in class.
    • Loaded pencil box – To facilitate learning concepts with tools used to write and craft

Readers in Motion staff assembled over 400 LOADED backpacks and are ready to distribute! We look forward to passing these out while staying socially distant for the health and safety of all staff and participants.  Staff will drop backpacks off to brick and mortar classrooms, wearing masks and having limited interaction. For e-learning classrooms, program staff is hosting a “backpack drive” where parents and their students can drive through their respective school’s car loop, turn in their registration forms and receive backpacks all in the same day! This will ensure we follow social-distancing guidelines and reassure parents that they can still fully participate in the program as e-learning families!

Thank you, Children’s Board, for your continuous support!

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