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TelePals telephone reassurance is connecting lonely seniors with caring, trained volunteers so they can stay healthy and safe. See TelePals in action: Channel 10 News Features TelePals! (To hear every detail, be sure to start the video at the beginning!)

The rapidly growing number of isolated seniors with no support was a crisis even before COVID-19. Now, social distancing means that many more are feeling isolated, lonely, and scared.  As COVID-19 continues to challenge the usual way the world interacts, our already existing TelePals service rises to meet it. 

“Seniors have a lot of fear in this moment; they are the big ‘at-risk’ group…It’s easy to underestimate the danger of isolation…To be able to reach out with just friendly conversation can make a big difference in someone’s life.” 

Robin Ingles, Seniors in Service CEO

TelePals provides ongoing social connection to lonely seniors, which is essential during this time of social distancing. With a simple phone call, volunteer TelePals are offering friendly conversation to clients without leaving their homes, offering reassurance and support that says, “there’s someone out there who cares about you.”  And volunteers also benefit from knowing they’re the bright spot in someone’s day. 

Do you or someone you know want a TelePal? It’s easy! Click here to learn more or sign up.

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