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We live in a time of uncertainty.  One thing that IS certain is our ongoing commitment to our community, which includes our dedicated senior-aged volunteers. 

232 senior-aged volunteers generated 203,878 hours of community service last year.   
But now, suddenly, they are our community’s most vulnerable.   

As we work to re-engage them in new ways, generous community donors help us tell them they are not forgotten. 

Thank you sent to Community Foundation of Tampa Bay:

Thank you Community Foundation of Tampa Bay for compiling a list of nonprofit needs to share with your donors during these difficult times.  Seniors in Service was thrilled to receive a generous donation from an individual who saw our request for help with home-delivered meals for our senior-aged volunteers. Our volunteers give generously every day to help our community’s most vulnerable. They are all age 55+ and now, suddenly, they are our community’s most vulnerable.  You helped us communicate in a meaningful way that they are still valued. Yesterday they felt purposeful. Today they are the most at-risk, lonely and scared. You helped us show them that they are not forgotten. 

It was especially meaningful that our volunteers received the meal from Konan’s BBQ they so look forward to each May at our Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon to celebrate Older Americans Month. Plus seeing members of our Seniors in Service staff, as well as the restaurant owner as part of the “home-delivery team” was an absolute delight to those who have come to know and love them during their years of ongoing service.  You can see from the photos how delighted they were!

Our Seniors in Service staff and all our volunteers are so grateful for your support. The emails we received from our volunteers say it best:

“Thank you for the food. I also thank Seniors in Service for continuing to think about us in this time of not knowing what tomorrow will bring us. I miss my clients, but every day I pray for them and I also call them to make sure they are well. I love what I did for them. I know God is with all of us. We are His children.”

“I pray you and family are safe, the lunch was awesome thank you, hope to reunite soon.”

“All of you at Seniors in Service are wonderful, you not only take care of our elders but we also received a delicious lunch. Thanks to you and those who made it possible. I am staying in touch with my client by phone. The program is so great to us, as great as a family that takes care of their members. Thanks again.” – (translated from Spanish)


Robin Ingles, Seniors in Service CEO

For a LIMITED TIME, ALL Donations to Seniors in Service are DOUBLED!  Help even more seniors know they are valued & not forgotten! 

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